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About: Massoud Nader.

I am an Art Dealer in New York specializing in Islamic and Persian art as well as Iranian Contemporary Art (see note below). I have worked with a number of Museums here in the United States , Europe and the Middle East e.g. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn Museum of Art, Sackler & Freer Gallery in Washington D.C. and the Los Angeles County Museum and have provided them with museum quality art works.
I have also put together collections of Islamic Art for individual collectors and institutions.
Have purchased 70% of Dr. E. Yarsharter of Columbia University’s book and art collection for an Iranian industrialist in the U.S.
I have at present a portfolio of interesting objects and manuscripts, which includes calligraphy, Korans, miniatures from various centuries, Qajar paintings, metal and lacquer works.

Iranian Contemporary Art:
After 65 years of artistic exploration and experimentation and at the beginning of the 21st century. Iranian contemporary painting comes to life in this century .From figurative to the abstracts works based on new, fresh studies to works based on traditional and national elements, Iranian contemporary painting shows its turbulent, dynamic, diverse and rich face in various approaches, styles and schools .
From the 50’s to the 70’s the Shah of Iran actively promoted westernization .During this period young artists sought ways to enter the international mainstream. A few made art that was modern looking by western standards but Iranian in context, .H. Zendouroudi and P. Tanavoli were two noted artists of that era.
1979 the year of the Iranian revolution the art scene changed dramatically and the 80’s were probably the darkest years when the war with Iraq dominated every aspect of Iranian life. Iranian cinema, with all of its limitations flourished during this decade and many notable films were made and were shown in major film festivals around the world.
Parvaneh Etemadi was among the very few artists who continued to work and was able to sell her art.
1990 was the year of change. Artists began showing their works again and new galleries were opening also exhibiting new works by a new generation of young artists.
In the 90’s and beyond, artists began to expose their works in European cities and festivals with the support of governmental institutions like the Iranian Museum of Modern Art. A number of artists are now represented by galleries in Europe, America and Middle Eastern countries.
Of all the forms of expressions, photography has perhaps seen one of the biggest booms in post- revolution Iran, and the West has become intrigued by Iran’s photographic output and talent.
A number of galleries and private individuals are concentrating in representing Iranian artists. Nader & Nader is exclusively selling and representing Iranian Contemporary Artists, many artists are represented, each artist with their unique style leave their imprint in the medium which they work, paintings, photography or sculptures.
List of these artists are in the web site and you can view their work.